Joint Statement of Dow and SOCC

Dow AgroSciences and the Save Our Crops Coalition (SOCC) are very pleased to announce the successful conclusion of discussions to resolve SOCC concerns regarding the potential for herbicide injury to non-target plants following the introduction of Dow AgroSciences’ new 2,4-D tolerant crops.  Through these discussions, both Dow AgroSciences and SOCC have achieved a better understanding of the each other’s perspective and concerns as well as have agreed to take additional steps to ensure the coexistence of the Enlist™ technology with sensitive crops growers. To this end, each organization agreed to modify positions with respect to pending regulatory matters around 2,4-D tolerant crops.

In light of the commitments made by Dow AgroSciences, SOCC will amend its comments and petitions to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to the extent they challenge applications for approval of Dow AgroSciences’ new seed and herbicide products to be commercialized as part of the Enlist™ Weed Control System. SOCC believes that commitments made by Dow AgroSciences represent substantial measures to mitigate potential non-target plant damage impacts from herbicide spray drift and volatilization associated with 2,4-D tolerant crops.

Dow AgroSciences will request an amendment to its label pending before EPA to include additional statements relating to herbicide applications near sensitive crops. Dow AgroSciences also reaffirms its commitments to assist in the investigation, diagnosis and resolution of alleged non-target claims, and in educating growers and applicators in management practices and proper application to reduce off target movement, especially in areas with sensitive crops.

SOCC notes that impressive research findings presented by Dow AgroSciences have been published in refereed journal articles. Specifically, SOCC cites research Dow AgroSciences has made available indicating the reduced drift and volatilization potential of its new herbicide solution for Enlist crops.

Farmers have a long history of wanting to do the right thing for their crops, their land and their neighbors. The willingness of industry segments to discuss and understand each other illustrates the spirit and commitment to success that is typical in American agriculture.

Click Here for a PDF of the Joint Statement to USDA and EPA