SOCC Requests USDA Expand the Scope of Dicamba Inquiry

Today, the Save Our Crops Coalition (SOCC) filed comments requesting the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) broaden the scope of an environmental impact statement to include options to address non-target drift damage impacts caused by the use of dicamba on dicamba tolerant crops.

Statement of Steve Smith, Chairman of the Save Our Crops Coalition:

“Consistent with the SOCC mission statement, we do not oppose advances in plant technology.  What we do oppose are quick ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers to the questions growers have regarding dicamba tolerant crops.  We do not accept a universe of alternatives that includes only wholesale deregulation or wholesale prohibition of these crops.  SOCC requests that USDA expand the scope of its inquiry to consider other alternatives to address the range of issues the SOCC membership faces.”

“It is entirely appropriate that USDA, the stewards of American agriculture, have taken the first step in protecting the millions of acres of American cropland affected by this unprecedented threat.  But this is only a first step.  We believe our agreement with Dow AgroSciences should serve as a roadmap for these agencies to follow to protect growers and others against non-target plant damage.”

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