SOCC Sets Record Straight Regarding 2,4-D

Today, the Save Our Crops Coalition (SOCC) sent a letter to the Secretary of Agriculture, Thomas Vilsack, explaining the coalition remains concerned regarding the direction of USDA’s proposed environmental impact statement for dicamba tolerant crops.  Following a review of the Draft 2,4-D environmental impact statement, SOCC fears that USDA may fundamentally misunderstand SOCC’s agreement with Dow AgroSciences (Dow).

The statement of Save Our Crops Coalition Chairman, Steve Smith:

SOCC ‘s agreement with Dow was a compromise.  SOCC requested Dow make concessions.  Dow did not agree to every request SOCC made; but, Dow did, in every instance, consider SOCC’s requests, and, oftentimes, Dow obliged.

We believe Dow acted responsibly to address the concerns of its neighbors.  Unfortunately, Monsanto and BASF have, so far, chosen not to act similarly.  SOCC wants to make clear that there remain several points of contention with Monsanto and BASF that are unlikely to be resolved through simply learning more about their products.  Our differences with Monsanto and BASF are especially stark with respect to the use of older, more volatile, forms of dicamba, and product stewardship.  Moreover, unlike 2,4-D, many food crops have no tolerance or exemption for dicamba residues.  Unfortunately, Monsanto and BASF have yet to implement effective measures to protect against non-target plant damage.

The Save Our Crops Coalition intends to file comments reflecting its membership’s views regarding 2,4-D tolerant crops in the appropriate docket.

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